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Continuing from "Screams From the Necropolis", our soldier dives deeper into the Necro after finding a hidden tomb. Inside the tomb (Named by our hero, Gibbitude) lies a portal that leads to the surface of earth. But you must climb all 30 floors to make it, are you up for the challenge? Of course you are.

These maps are heavily edited Oblige w/OBAddon maps with better enemy balancing and weapon placement. Some levels even have special "countermeasures" to make your travel to the top difficult. For example "Metal Meltdown" has lava covering 70% of the floor. Find a radsuit to live, and speed is key.

Made for Doom II 


MAP01: Entrance Into The Eclipse 

MAP02: Realm of Holy Wars 

MAP03: The Punishment Due 

MAP04: Heaven and Hell 

MAP05: Overdose 

MAP06: Painkiller 

MAP07: The Ritual 

MAP08: Hall of the Dehumanizer 

MAP09: Tombs of Inner Truth 

MAP10: Architects of Pain 

MAP11: Harvesting of Sorrow 

MAP12: Losfer Words 

MAP13: Temple of The Damned 

MAP14: Tomb of Five Magics 

MAP15: Powerslaves (Secret Exit)

MAP16: The Green Manalishi

MAP17: Sea of Madness 

MAP18: Enter Sandman 

MAP19: Metal Meltdown 

MAP20: South of Heaven 

MAP21: Hollowed Be thy Name 

MAP22: Divine Intervention

MAP23: Black Metal 

MAP24: Chop Suey 

MAP25: Frantic 

MAP26: Train of Thought 

MAP27: Never Neverland 


MAP29: Eaten Back To Life 

MAP30: Not So Simple 

MAP31: Queen Street (Secret)

MAP32: Rust in Peace (Secret)


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